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Free Lightroom Presets

How to start editing or making color correction of your pictures in Adobe Lightroom well, especially if you are an inexperienced photographer? You can finish photo editing courses, but it may last long or cost much. Now free Lightroom presets really speed up the process of enhancing photos, and make it easier for beginners. But usually you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on paid kits, and it’s uneasy to find cheap Lightroom presets bundles without hidden payments and viruses. In this article, we will tell you where you can find more than 400 best free Lightroom presets 2017-2018.

Where to Find Free Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom preset 1

Every good photographer is seeking for free Lightroom presets that will help not only transform their pictures qualitatively but speed up photo editing itself. We suggest choosing best free Lightroom presets 2018 at Fixthephoto.

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This image editing website offers a large selection of LR presets for different types of images. Everyone can use these kits to train their image editing skills both for professional work and as a hobby. Let’s look at them in more detail.

1. Weddings LR Presets

Lightroom preset 3

They are easy to manage, so you get the finished image instantly. Receive unique gentle pictures thanks to soft colors, sharpen lines and bright colors, besides, your images will look natural. Here you can choose the Lightroom presets that add pastel colors and the matte effect to pictures. You will be able to apply different filters and add bright or cold shades, thanks to free Lightroom presets wedding. This is the perfect assistant, especially if you have limited time but many photos for color correction.

2. Portraits Kits

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Great sets are created to convey the mood of a person, his/her character, and also add stylishness and charm. Perfect kits of free Lightroom presets for portraits include collections for creating fashion, family and business pictures. You will have the opportunity to add retro filters, the effect of “movie”, play with contrast and tones. Applying these effects does not take much time, so you get additional opportunities to increase the time you spend on skin retouching and background improvement.

3. Urban LR Presets

Lightroom preset 5

Street photos and photographers are in a trend now. But unfortunately, we meet a small number of good works on Instagram. Photographers do not have enough skills to edit their pictures well. To simplify this task, we offer you several different sets of free Lightroom presets for street photography, which will help change the photo’s look completely. You may highlight certain details of photos, change the color and add different shades to the pictures in several clicks. You gain the opportunity to experiment with images, applying new non-standard tones that are used by popular Instagram bloggers and photographers.

4. B&W Sets of LR Presets

All professionals should have in their use this set of universal monochrome Lightroom presets. You can apply this effect to all images, removing a large number of color and lightning defects.  These presets are extremely versatile, showing beautiful soft and subtle edits for all of your pictures. Can be used on any of your photographs taken in natural or studio light. You get the opportunity to correct the wedding, portrait, family, landscape and children’s pictures.

5. Landscape and Natural Bundles

Lightroom preset 6

If you are keen on landscape photography, these sets of free Lightroom presets will open up new possibilities for you to create incredible masterpieces even on your Lightroom mobile version. Now you can add different shades of blue and pink tones, and the sunrises, sunsets, mountains, waterfalls, forests, and lakes will acquire a completely different fabulous look. Photographers spend several hours to retouch the starry sky, but now in a few seconds, you will get a fascinating and spectacular shot.

6. HDR

Use free HDR Lightroom presets to create high-quality photos of interiors and properties. If you are engaged in photographing different parties, especially in nightclubs, then one of these sets will help remove the effects of lighting, add brightness and contrast. Another set will help create HDR vintage images.

7. Product Photography Bundles

Thanks to online stores and handmade products, this genre of photography is gaining its popularity on Instagram. These sets of free Lightroom presets are the best way for sellers to save time and money as well. Give a new style to your product images.

8. Presets for Real Estate Photos

Highly recommended for beginning property shooters or real estate agents who don’t want to hire a professional real estate photographer.

9. Sets for Newborns Photos

Working with newborns requires a special careful preparation. Not always the pictures are perfect, usually they lack warm/pink shades. This free bundle offers clean color and creamy skin, it’s prettily soft and a perfect set for editing baby images. Use it in your everyday photo editing workflow and it will enhance your pictures.

10. Film Effects

Lightroom preset 7

If you want to get fantastic mystical shots, so choose the best free Lightroom presets 2017 with the effect of the film. They will make the photo extraordinary, dreamy, and moody and add a nostalgic mood. Pictures become magical and film LR presets are suitable for all genres. Use these filters to display the true emotions.

How to Install Lightroom Presets

Even without experience in Lightroom image editing, with these kits of free Lightroom presets, which consist of more than 400 different filters, you will get perfect shots.

Jill works as a freelance photographer. After taking and editing hundreds of photos, she likes to cook delicious food and try different cuisines.
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