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Father’s Day Slideshow – Perfect Last Minute Gift Idea!

Father’s Day is hours away, and you’re still stuck for gift ideas? It’s real hard to find something that he doesn’t already have? Well, let’s try to think in a different direction and focus on experiences rather than store-bought presents. When it comes to family, the most valuable things are the moments spent together. Father’s Day is the time to share and create memories, and to show your appreciation for Dad and for everything he does. Here’s a simple idea that won’t cost you a fortune: collect some portaits of Dad and other photos from your family archive, and make a Father’s Day slideshow that’s all about him – a truly personal surprise gift that just can’t go wrong! How do you make one? Read on to learn…

Father's Day slideshow templates

Father’s Day slideshow templates

So you’re sitting in front of your laptop with some pictures, ready to go? Now you need some slideshow making app to turn the pictures into a movie or a video e-card. If you don’t have a piece of software like this yet, try SmartSHOW 3D: – there’s every tool you might want for such project, from cool special effects to microphone recording option.

Father's Day slideshow idea

Making photo slideshow for Father’s Day

What makes up a cool personalized slideshow? A bunch of great photos, thoughtfully designed intro and final slides, a meaningful music track, and a voice message perhaps. So these will be the basic steps: add the pictures to the timeline, pick some stylish title slide templates (or add captions right on the photos), insert Dad’s favorite song or instrumental piece, and record a voice greeting with your computer microphone. Want to spice up the show with some special effects? Choose from hundreds of effects in SmartSHOW 3D collections. The final step is creating the video to play on any device of your choice or to send as an e-card.

Father's Day slideshow template

Sample template for Father’s Day slideshow

Not sure you can make it from scratch, or simply running out of time? Then you may go with a ready-made stylepack, designed for Father’s Day: – there are 17 awesome man themed slide templates, and you’ll just need to insert Dad’s photos to make a spectacular show. The designs are all about things that men love: cars and gadgets, work and game, adventures and home comfort… no doubt you’ll find some that are all about your Dad. So go and make a video that’s bound to make him smile!

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