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Five Cool Ideas on What to Do with Your Travel Photos

Just returned from a vacation? This five-day trip seems now to have passed in a flash. Incredible adventures, new people and places, exquisite cuisine – all of these join together in your treasured memories of those great days. In addition, your SD card or smart phone is for sure full of the photos you took during your holiday. But give yourself an honest answer: how many times have you clicked through the photos of your previous vacation? Two or three? It is a known fact that usually travel photos end up on a hard drive never being enjoyed or showcased. However, thanks to the modern software diversity we now know what to do with travel photos. Read on and you will learn it too!

photo collage with a caption

What to do with travel photos? Read on to get the answer!

Personalized Postcards – Great for Sharing

Postcards always look cool, don’t they? A textured background, a picturesque cityscape and the name of the town – perfect memento of the travel days. And now imagine turning some of your photos into stylized postcards that you can send by snail mail or by e-mail. Modern software allows creating them as collages using clipart, frames and masks for embellishment. If you want to try some stylish pre-designed templates and add captions to your postcards, make use of Photo Collage Maker that offers rich text editing options:

postcard with travel photos

A postcard created with a ready-made template

Travel Photo Book & Travel Scrapbook Idea

If you travel a lot, you may be thinking of what to do with travel photos to compile them into one-piece story of your voyages. The solution is easy – edit and adorn them, find a reputable print shop and print the photos in one book. Do not forget to devote some pages to journal entries – your friends may be interested in comments, so a few passages throughout the book will come in handy. The before mentioned Photo Collage Maker will help you print the photos at home, if you want to create a scrapbook with photo collages, written entries and pocket pages for paper souvenirs.

what to do with travel photos

Keep your travel photo book in digital or printed version

 Calendar with Travel Photos

When one says “calendar”, most people today think of a Windows calendar in the bottom right corner of the desktop. Some of you might think of wall, desk and small pocket calendars, one-page monthly and multipage yearly ones. Heh, and why not make your own calendar with the photos you brought from your recent trip and enjoy them all-the-year-round? Software like Photo Calendar Creator has customizable templates for all the above-mentioned calendar types and allows adding several photos to one calendar page.

calendar with several photos

Customized calendar with travel photos

Photo Slideshow with Music and Video Clips

This idea is surely one of the tempting ones. Making a movie from separate photos and videos nowadays is only a matter of your imagination and taste. No need for special computer skills, several different pieces of software or a personal assistant to deal with the task. You only need to add your photos, videos and songs that will serve as a soundtrack, record some comments with your microphone and add animation effects and transitions – and the slideshow is ready to be published on YouTube or played on a big screen. Just remember to choose the software with intuitive interface, for instance check out SmartSHOW 3D

travel photo slideshow with music

Creating a photo slideshow with music and video clips

Wall Poster for Your Home and Facebook

Need something simple to embellish your room and have an everyday reminder of the sunlit shores you enjoyed during the summer? Or want a picture for your Facebook wall or worth sending to the people you got acquainted with? Using user-friendly photo editing software like Home Photo Studio you can add a gorgeous frame or a background to your photo and print it in whatever size you need. Let your travel adventures reside by your side!

summer poster design

Poster design can be printed and hung on the wall or posted on Facebook

What to do with travel photos is a very intricate question indeed, because we have so many ideas that it is even hard to choose. But let yourself be creative and try as many options as you can!

Diane is a passionate blogger and a stock photographer. She loves to spend her free time doing asanas and rereading Bradbury. Diane wishes there could be more hours in a day, especially when there’s so much to explore in the world.
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