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5 Little-Known Video and Picture Slideshow Tricks

Making a video and picture slideshow is becoming more and more popular each day. Family photo albums, design studio portfolios, business presentations, wedding day movies – we all have seen some of the list. Moreover, almost every person who has a PC has thought at least once of creating his or her own video and picture slideshow. Then what’s the problem? Let’s dive into the creative process together with SmartSHOW 3D slideshow montage software that has all the options and tools for producing eye-catching and miraculously beautiful slideshows and video presentations. Discover the five little-known but worth trying tricks by reading this post up to the end!

Changing the Color Style

To make your video and picture slideshow more movie-like, why not try using the old film filter that turns photos into vintage looking images? Boring and old-fashioned, you might say. Then create a custom animation effect for the slide and make the brown old film image gradually turn into the modern color photo! The audience will be stunned by the transition especially if the photo in the slide does not include any objects that can be quickly recognized as modern.


The vintage effect makes photos look timeless

Animating the Embellishments

Not only photos can be animated! With SmartSHOW 3D, you can create animation keyframes for photo frames, slide effects like sparkling stars and burning fire or even reflections of the images. The smooth and gracious movement of the design elements on the slide is expected to be complex and meticulously arranged from the technical side, but it is not. The software has an intuitive interface, and you can adjust all the keyframes in just a couple of clicks even being a novice user.


Gradient frame adds elegance to the whole slide

Including a Video Clip

Beautifully composed, shot, and edited photos can produce a gasping effect when united and played as a slideshow. However, the audience usually appreciates video footage much more. Grant your viewers with what they want by adding a video clip or several of them right into the slides of your project. SmartSHOW 3D offers you all the tools that you might need to edit and enhance your videos: cut them and adjust the zoom, add reflections or a rotation animation. Including several videos into the slideshow helps you to add live action to your story.


The photo on the slide should be logically connected to the video clip

Creating a 3D Collage

3D effects can add zest to any video and picture slideshow whether it is a wedding day story or a sports car series presentation. Combine several photos in one slide and adjust the animation settings like zooming or motion and your collage will become the pearl of your project! Be careful with colors, though – all the pictures should match each other, otherwise you may get a gaudy potpourri that might not be very pleasing to the eye of the audience.


Adding an outline to photos gives them prominence

Using Animated Elements

Have you ever heard of GIFs? These are images that include animation, usually looped endlessly. There are thousands of GIF pictures all over the Internet that are free to download and to use. You can add them to your video and picture slideshow as easily as you add ordinary images. Arrange them on the slides and the result will be spectacular. As GIFs already include animation, you do not have to work with keyframes or adjust any other settings for them. However, the camera motion effect that we used in our case looks quite nice with images of this type, so you may as well try it.


The colourful balls in the picture are GIFs with continuous animation

Keeping photos in folders on a computer, smartphone or DVDs is now considered bad style. Every day more and more ways of publishing and sharing photos appear. Slideshows are on the top of the list and even schoolchildren are now taught to make elementary ones. Since all the most captivating tricks of this art are now revealed to you, there is no use postponing the creative process itself. Make yourself a cup of tea, get SmartSHOW 3D software and start experimenting with what it can offer!

Diane is a passionate blogger and a stock photographer. She loves to spend her free time doing asanas and rereading Bradbury. Diane wishes there could be more hours in a day, especially when there’s so much to explore in the world.
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