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Photography Portfolio Ideas

You have some great shots and you want people to notice them. How do you show your photos to your potential customers or admirers in a way they will surely get hooked? Nowadays popularity among the audience and business success largely depend on the way you present your services and the quality of your photos. The most effective photography portfolio ideas deal with photo slideshows of different styles. Meet the most popular of them below!

photo portfolio idea

Glamorous Styles for Photo Slideshow

Social networks and websites are essential for creating a stable customer base. But searching through dozens of photos is a bit tiresome for the viewer and he may leave the page without reaching the end of your photo gallery. Far better is to create a slideshow with music that will emphasize the beauty of your portraits, your skill of working with light and photo editing software. Such glamorous styles for photo slideshow as here suit portraits made both indoors and outdoors.

photography portfolio ideas

Professional Slide Styles

Any portfolio presupposes a collection of the best photos, and whether you do portraits, travel or photojournalism your portfolio is the tool that showcases your artistic capabilities. Do not include multiple images that are only slightly different – it may demonstrate an inability to make the right choice among a variety of options. Some professional slide styles like in this compilation will add presentability and splendor to your slideshow, retaining the viewer’s attention and underlining your serious approach to work.

professional portfolio style

Wedding Portfolio Ideas

Considering the audience of your portfolio is a key to success. If you aim at couples looking for a wedding shoot, remember that most weddings are full of white and pink with beautiful flowers and ornaments. In order to attract wedding clients, your portfolio should be of the same style, for example this wedding slideshow idea combines pastel backgrounds with smooth transitions Add some romantic song to your portfolio as the soundtrack – couples will love it!

wedding portfolio

Love Story Portfolio

For a love story promo, take St. Valentine’s Day photos or the shots you took for some wedding reception. You may use bright and vivid colors to transfer the images of passion, tenderness and love, for instance here red is used as the main color. Photography portfolio ideas for couples take advantage of animation effects and various transition styles that you can use for your promo. Such decorative flourishes will captivate the couples and convince them to offer you the job.

love story slideshow

Family Photo Slideshow

Shooting families is not an easy task – kids are always moving and grimacing, causing the blur of the shots; parents sometimes keep too reserved or shy to create a good-humored air of the photo shoot. Nevertheless, some great shots always come and to present them in a proper way you need to consider all the family events you can capture. Birthdays, Christmas, children shoots, travelling – share the whole range of the topics you work with. With a family slideshow collection like this one you can even cover family histories using vintage slide styles and carefully chosen animation effects.

family photo slideshow

I hope these photography portfolio ideas will help you showcase your best photos in the most convincing way. Remember, that a portfolio slideshow longer than three minutes may be a bit too much, however stunning your photos are. So don’t forget to narrow your choice to some bearable number. Choose what idea resonates with you and offer your customers an ideal portfolio!

Diane is a passionate blogger and a stock photographer. She loves to spend her free time doing asanas and rereading Bradbury. Diane wishes there could be more hours in a day, especially when there’s so much to explore in the world.
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