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10 Cool Things to Do With Photos

Now that 2015 is over, it’s time to think about things to do with photos you took this year before you forget about their existence and leave them in the sub-sub-folders of your hard drive or phone archives. In this photo and video slideshow made with SmartSHOW 3D:, we have combined the top 10 ideas on what to do with your shots. It does not matter if you take photos with your smart phone or with professional gear; this post has tips for everybody – just read on to find one for you!

If you are keen on traditional ways of photo presentation, and creating something of your own design gives you the creeps, some online service can let you create a photobook to put into the bookcase. The quality of the paper and printing depends upon the chosen service. Usually, there is only one drawback – such photobooks are rather costly.

create a photobook

You can make a personalized photobook online

Photo calendar is one of the most useful things to do with photos. Besides, a calendar is much cheaper than a photobook. In addition, a weekly planner or a desktop calendar will give you much more pleasure, because you will see it almost every day! Creating a calendar with software like allows you to add photos right into the calendar cells and even enhance your shots with simple intuitive editing tools.

photo calendar design

Subtle photo calendar design

Grid collages is a sure thing to try out. Perfect for the ones who do not like spending a lot of time on adjusting the details of a design or the ones who believe that a good shot needs no decoration because it is an art piece by its nature already. With Photo Collage Maker software: you can create grid collages with any necessary number of photos, add a shadow or an outline to them, and complete your design with the most suitable background picture.

grid collage design

Share your photos via a grid collage

A mug with a photo is a perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas or new job party. Just select the right photos and they will boost the spirits of the mug recipient. Nowadays the majority of online services and print shops adds captions to the mug design. You can even make personalized dishware for all your family members!

personalized dishware design

Custom photo mugs make perfect gifts

Travel journal is a cool thing to do not only for scrapbook lovers or for travellers – you can create one even for your honeymoon or business trip! Collect the tickets, print out the photos, glue them into a notebook or a sketchbook and add your remarks to some of the pages. Travel journals start from thin size and end up as manuscripts too heavy to lift and filled with all sort of sunny memories and risky adventures.

travel journal idea

A travel diary is a must-have for every traveller

The next thing to try out is a photo montage piece. Photo montages can enhance the original beauty of the shot or even make the picture extraordinarily attractive. Photo montages look perfect with portrait photos as the sample below shows. If you have software with lots of ready-to-use templates like, you will be able to find the best-matching one among them.

woman portrait design

Amazing woman portrait photo montage

One of the most popular things to do with photos today is a slideshow that combines photos, video clips, animation effects and transitions. SmartSHOW 3D that was mentioned above allows you to add animated collages and sound messages recorded with your microphone. What can be a better gift for the dear ones than a funky or a gracious photo movie with the favorite tune as a soundtrack?

family watching slideshow

Slideshows unite photos, videos, effects, text and music

Scrapbook… Are you one of these people that have been waiting for this word since the beginning of this post? Yes, surely photos can be printed out and glued into a proper page. But wait, here is breaking news: scrapbooking stopped being just a handmade craft – it turned digital! You can create a scrapbook using your computer and print it as many times as you need, or you may design some eloquent pages and add them into an already existing paper variant. You can do all that with Photo Collage Maker that offers hundreds of pre-designed templates to start with.

things to do with photos

A scrapbook page with 3 photos

For those of you who are obsessed with interior décor and stylish design ideas here is the one – a wall mural! If you dream of getting one in your future, please take care of choosing the right design studio and material for your dream to come true. Wall murals last long if you keep them away from bright light in a room where humidity is not very high.

interior with wall mural

Interior design inspiration with a wall mural

The last but not the least of the things to do with photos in our list is a family photo album. Family is one of the central elements of our everyday life and you need no special reason to make a photo album to treasure all its common memories. Some software offers you family templates to create an album, but you can make your own from scratch as well.

christmas greeting card design

A family album page devoted to Christmas

Now that you are properly warmed up and inspired you can turn your thoughts and ideas into action. Besides, why wait if you can start creating the gifts for your family, friends and colleagues straight away!

Diane is a passionate blogger and a stock photographer. She loves to spend her free time doing asanas and rereading Bradbury. Diane wishes there could be more hours in a day, especially when there’s so much to explore in the world.
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