Tilt-Shift Miniature Effect – Lilliputians in Shot

Miniature effect photos are very popular nowadays because they transform us into Gullivers travelling in the Lilliput world. Tilt-shift miniature effect allows changing an ordinary landscape or cityscape photo into a stunning shot of an illusive miniature scale model. Today, thanks to software progress and development, every one of us can turn their photos into pictures of a toy-like world.

What Is Tilt-Shift Miniature Effect?

Technically, it may be achieved in two ways – you can use special tilt-shift camera lenses reducing the depth of field of the taken scene or make use of some photo editing software like http://home-photo-studio.com/ that has an integrated tilt-shift effect editor. The second option is much cheaper and easier to deal with. It will make a photograph of a life-size location or object give an impression of a miniature model by leaving the most interesting part of the photo sharp and blurring the rest of it. Just like what I did with the picture below:

tilt-shift miniature effect

Before and after the tilt-shift effect was applied

What Photos Look Best With the Miniature Effect?

If you want to turn a shot of a real-life scene into a model photograph, make sure it captures the details of an overall landscape. This way the final image will picture a toy world with tiny humans marching along elfin streets and houses. Also, note that photos taken from a high angle look more stunning, because they make you believe that you are looking down at a miniature model.

camelcade in a desert

Picture before applying the tilt-shift effect

How to Achieve the Tilt-Shift Miniature Effect?

Start the software, add the necessary photo and open Tilt-Shift (Miniature Effect) editor. Here you can adjust Blur intensity and Range of focus so that the tilt-shift effect looks natural. If you blur too much, the picture will lose its magical power, so try to find the ideal proportion of the blurred and unblurred space. By setting the necessary Focal point and Rotation angle you can select the area that will stay sharp and leave the rest of the photo blurred.

tilt-shift effect software

Adjusting the tilt-shift effect settings

A Matter of Passion

Miniaturizing the world may start as a simple experiment, but soon you will find yourself addicted to this creative technique. Transforming ordinary people, cars and buildings into tiny versions of themselves seems to enchant you with an extraodinary power. Tilt-shift miniature effect is a trick everybody must try. Learn about more photo editing techniques and make your photos bloom!

miniature effect sample

Picture with the tilt-shift effect apllied

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